Distinguished Paper Award

One paper presented at the annual meeting of the Adhesion Society is selected each year to receive this award. The selection process is coordinated by the Vice President of the Adhesion Society. The selected paper has distinguished itself within this process as being outstanding in the categories of quality of research, impact on field, novelty and effectiveness of presentation. The awardee receives $1,000 and a plaque commemorating the award.

This award was established in 1999 and was supported until 2005 by the H.B. Fuller Company as a tribute to Rolf Schubert, former Vice-President of Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer for the H.B. Fuller Company.  In 2006, National Starch and Chemical Company began the support of this award.  It is now sponsored by Henkel.

Scott Phillips (Penn State University) received the 2016 Adhesion Society Distinguished Paper Award for the paper “Signal-Induced Bonding and/or De-Bonding of Adhesives” presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society.    

In his paper, Scott describes adhesives that debond rapidly and completely in response to specific applied signals that are orthogonal to chemical or physical signals encountered during normal use.  Ultimately, his goal was to illustrate that self-immolative polymers can be used to create stimuli-induced bonding and de-bonding of adhesives, where depolymerization (or self-immolation) provides rapid, selective, amplified, and macroscopic responses to create new types of dynamic adhesives.