Letter from the President

Dear Fellow Adhesion Society Members,

We have recovered substantially since the thin times of 2009.  Our meeting in San Antonio saw 298 attendees and 42 participants of the short course. I personally very much enjoyed the plenary, keynotes, and oral/poster presentations.  Thanks to Ali Dhinojwala (University of Akron) for putting together such an excellent program. One of the many highlights was the Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science (sponsored by 3M) symposium honoring Prof. Ken Shull.  Seeing the breadth of Ken’s impact on the field of adhesion was quite intriguing and rewarding. Also, we learned not to challenge him to a wrestling match any time soon. 

        San Antonio was a great host city for our meeting.  The warm weather was a welcome break from winter.  The Riverwalk provided handy access to a variety of restaurants and easy walking access to the rest of the city. Overall it seemed to be a good fit for our Society’s preference for walkable fun cities.  The hotel amenities and staff were high quality and attentive, respectively.  The area for the poster session felt a bit overcrowded for presenting the Peebles, Alan Gent, and Best Poster awards, but this is something we are already working on for future meetings. 

        It is my pleasure to announce that Prof. Tom McCarthy (University of Massachusetts Amherst) has been selected as the 2017 winner of the Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science (sponsored by 3M).  He has graciously accepted this important recognition and we all really look forward to what will certainly be an interesting symposium in St. Petersburg as Tom’s influence in the adhesion community is broad, diverse, and international. 

Next year’s meeting will be the Society’s 40th anniversary.  This is certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating that will make this meeting one you won’t want to miss.  I personally appreciate the valuable work from all the session chairs in past years programs and hope to see continued engagement in years to come.  Prof. Kai-Tak Wan (Northeastern University) has kindly accepted our invitation to be the 2017 program chair and we are currently working on incorporating a celebration of our “40 years of adhesion science and technology” as well as peer into the future within the 2017 technical program.  And speaking of the future, our Society will host the 6th World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena (WCARP VI) in 2018.  We are already starting to work on the planning as this is an international meeting of adhesion societies from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. More on this later. My dear 300+ members, we have exciting times to come in the next couple of years.  I look forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg, for the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society.  Please do respond to the brief survey we sent to your recently.  We need your input on several important issues. 

Member Spotlight

2016 Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science (sponsored by 3M)

David Yarusso (3M), presented the 2016 Award for Excellence in Adhesion Science sponsored by 3M to Professor Kenneth Shull. The award was for his "fundamental insight into the balance between surface functionality, polymer physics, and mechanics in adhesion". Prof. Shull is a Professor of Material Science and Engineering at Northwestern University, where he has been a faculty member since 1993.

The 39th Annual Meeting began with a special session honoring Shull’s contributions with talks by Rong Long (University of Colorado Boulder) on "Time Dependent Mechanics of Polymers with Dynamic Bonds", followed by Diethelm Johannsmann (Clausthal University of Technology) who discussed "Use of the Second Generation QCM in the Life Sciences", Constantino Creton (ESPCI Paristech-Paris) on “Advances in Micromechanisms of Fracture of Filled Elastomers” and concluded with Michelle Seitz (DSM) on "Adhesion in overmolding Applications".

A few of Shull’s most impactful publications include: “Deformation nd failure modes of adhesively bonded elastic layers,” “JKR studies of acryl elastomer adhesion to glassy polymer substrates”, “Deformation behavior thin, compliant layers under tensile loading conditions,” and “Fingering instabilities of confined elastic layers in tension.” Undoubtedly, Prof. Shull has been one of the most productive and impactful adhesion scientists over the past two decades, with significant contributions in the understanding of the Johnson, Kendall, and Roberts (JKR) theory and contact mechanics of soft solids, the behavior of block copolymers at interfaces, the mechanics and fracture of polymer gels, as well as numerous other fundamental and applied topics.

Additionally, Prof. Shull is one of the distinguished members of our adhesion community. He has served in several roles for the Adhesion Society. Most recently, a President of the Society, he showed incredible leadership in rejuvenating the Society and the Annual Meeting.