Robert L. Patrick Fellowship Guidelines


Elevation of a member to Fellow of the Society is a formal recognition of outstanding members. The award also commemorates the lifelong contributions made to the Adhesion community by the late Robert L. Patrick in recognition of his extensive contributions to wetting, adhesion science, and the Society.

Selection Criteria
The nominee must have provided outstanding contributions to the field of adhesion over a sustained period. Such contributions can be in the form of service to the adhesion community, broad and productive research and/or teaching, or other conspicuous achievements in the field of adhesion. Nominees shall have been members of the Adhesion Society for five years at the time of nomination. Elevation to fellowship will be granted without regard to age, nationality or field of expertise. However, the President, Vice President, and the Members-at-Large are not eligible for being elevated to Fellow status until after the conclusion of their term in these positions.

Nomination Procedure
A nomination package must be submitted to Joelle Frechette and Al Crosby by December 31st, of the year prior to selection. The nomination must contain:

  1. A letter of nomination not to exceed 3 pages. The letter must summarize the achievements that make the nominee worthy of fellowship.
  2. Three seconding letters from other members of the Adhesion Society. Only one of the letters may originate from the Institution where the nominee is employed. Although international support is not a requirement, it will strengthen the nomination package.
  3. A brief citation appropriate for a plaque or certificate honoring the nominee.
  4. The nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae.

Any member of the Adhesion Society may submit a nomination package. Nominations will remain active for three years after submission.

Selection Procedure
Selection of Fellows will be made by the Executive Committee. A nomination must receive a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee to be approved.

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