Early Career Award Past Winners

2008 Al Crosby, University of Massachusetts
for his contributions to the field of adhesion science research with work involving the role adhesion plays in spatially and chemically non-uniform surfaces

2009 Tian Tang, University of Alberta
for studies of the adhesion, multiscale modeling and simulation of nano-biomolecular hybrid materials

2010 Christopher Stafford, NIST
for innovative methodology in measuring the mechanical properties of soft coatings

2011 Kevin Turner, University of Pennsylvania

2012 Frank DelRio, NIST
for pioneering experiments and analytical approaches leading to an enhanced understanding of adhesion at the nanometer and micrometer scales

2013 Edwin Chan, NIST
for investigations of polymer gels and of the adhesive response of structured soft material surfaces

2014 Rong Long, University of Alberta
for his development and application of computational methods for understanding the mechanics of soft materials

2016 Robert Style
for Fundamental Contributions to our Understanding of the Coupling of Surface Tension to Elastic Deformation

2017 Xuanhe Zhao
for Fundamental Contributions and Groundbreaking Research on the Mechanics of Soft Materials

2018 Alyssa Stark, Villanova University     
for Fundamental Contributions and Groundbreaking Research on Biological Adhesion

 2019 Yuhan Lee, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School
for contributions to adhesive biomaterials for biomedical applications

 2020 Michael Bartlett, Iowa State University
for his contributions to our understanding and development of reversible and switchable adhesives

2021 Chelsea Davis, Purdue University
For her significant advances in the measurement and visualization of interfacial mechanics

2022 Jonathan Pham, University of Cincinnati
For contributions to adhesion science through novel measurements that exploit the unique balance between surface forces and ultra-soft materials at small size scales

2023 Katharine Jensen, Williams College
For accomplishments and leadership to adhesion science

Past Winners - Outstanding Young Adhesion Technologist Award

2008 Kar Tean Tan, NIST
for his contributions to the understanding of the role moisture plays in the failure of adhesives, sealants and coatings

2010 Aaron Forster, NIST
for creative use of nanoindentation in composite assembly

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