Best Poster Award Past Winners

2001 Jianli Wang, Virginia Tech
Switchable Surface Properties and Interfacial Adhesion Control on Novel CFABC Polymer Brush Modified Surfaces

2002 Adam Feinberg, University of Florida
Quantifying Inter-Cellular Forces in Bio Adhesion: Examination of Sialyl Lewis X and Selectin Interactions with Atomic Force Microscopy

2003 Xiaohong Gu, NIST/UMKC
Quantifying Inter-Cellular Forces in Bio Adhesion: Examination of Sialyl Lewis X and Selection Interactions with Atomic Force Microscopy

2004 Gary P. Harp, The University of Akron
Molecular Structure and Adhesion Hysteresis at Polystyrene/Comb Polymer Interfaces

2005 Carl Aronson, Kettering University
New Pathways for Modifying the Surface of High Density Polyethylene:  Photochemical Functionalization and Subsequent Surface Chemistry

2006 Charles Rand, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Adhesion-Induced Instabilities in Polymer Friction, Charles Rand and Alfred Crosby

2007 Aline Granier, NIST
Polyurethane Composites Reinforced by Isocyanate-functionalized Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon NanoFibers

2008 Kathryn Otim, Northwestern University
Gel Fracture at High Stresses:  The Effects of Sol Fraction

2009 Kar Tean Tan, NIST
Impact of Polymer Chemistry on the Durability of Model Adhesives Supported on SiOx Substrates In Humid Environments using the Homologous Series of Poly(N-AlkyMethacrylate)s

2010 Carsten Wehlack, Saarland University
Polyurethane-Metal Interphases Structure Formation in Ultra-Thin Films Curing in Dry or Humid Air

2011 Charles Frihart, Forest Products Laboratory
Characterization and performance of Gum Arabic Binders for 7.62 mm Ammunition

2012 Kerry C. DeMella, Virginia Tech (Winner)
Forming Polyelectrolyte Nanoparticles:  Tailoring Size and Shape for Efficient Gene Delivery

2012 Andy Borum,  Virginia Tech (Runner up) 
Analysis of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Nanoribbons with Racket Shapes

2013 Ambrose Taylor, Imperial College, London (Winner)
Quantifying the Dispersion of Nanoparticles in Adhesives

2013 Qian Li, Virginia Tech (Runner up)
Finite Element Analysis of Several T-Peel Specimen Configurations using Cohesive Zone Models

2014 Uyiosa Abusomwan, Carnegie Mellon University (Winner)
Full Contact of a Flat Punch with a Wavy Adhesive Thin Film

2014 Jenny Genevieve Devaud, Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp. (Runner up)
Surface that Shed Dust:  Unraveling the Mechanisms

2015 Michael Imburgia, University of Massachusetts (Winner)
Scaling-up Wrinkles: Creating Controlled, Micron-sized Patterns on Meter-sized Surfaces Using a Roll and Plate Geometry

2015 Travis Thornell, Purdue University (Runner up)

2016 Horiuchi Sun (Winner)

2016 Justine Sirrine, Virginia Tech (Runner up)

2017 Chyi-Huey Yeh Sirrine, Northwestern University (1st place)

2017 Megan Mulroe Sirrine, Virginia Tech (2nd place)

2018 Ping Rao, Hokkaido University (1st place)    

2018 Maren Weidner, Saarland University (2nd place)      

2018 Cole Sorensen, Virginia Tech (3rd place)       

2019     Konane Bay, Lance De Konich, Vishal Vignesh

2020    Boer Liu, Ajay Krishnamurthy, Luca Frullano

2021     Zach Lamberty, Cynthia Bukowski, Demi Moed

2022    Lidya Gebremeskel, Elayne Thomas, Junyong Park

2023     Arianna Jaramillo, Katie Nath, Jackson Fuller

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