Distinguished Paper Award Past Winners

1999 Jeffrey S. Meth, DuPont
Quantitative Characterization of Automotive Coating Interlayer Adhesion

2000 Costantino Creton, Laboratoire PCSM – ESPCI
Correlation Between Interfacial Width And Fracture Toughness In Glassy Polymers

2001 Maurice Brogly, CNRS – ICSI
Silicon Release Coatings/PSA Adhesive Modulation.  How PDMS Based Network Composition and Structure Influence Nanoscale Properties of the Interface

2002 Wulff Possart, The Saarland University
Thermodynamic Data of Adhesion Phenomena Calculated with Molecular Modeling Methods

2003 Aric Ophahl, UCLA at Berkley
Characterizing the Surface Configuration and Morphology of Polyolefin Copolymers and Blends by SFG Vibrational Spectroscopy and AFM

2004 Etienne Barthel, CNRS/Saint Gobain
Elastic Contact to Layered Substrate:  The Adhesive Case

2005 John Walz, Yale University
Investigation of the Force Oscillation Between a Particle and Surface in the Presence of a Nonadsorbing Material

2006 Tian Tang, Lehigh University
Thermal Fluctuations Limit the Cohesive Strength of Compliant Solids

2007 Richard P. Wool, University of Delaware
Polymer-Solid Interface Connectivity and Adhesion:  Design of a Bio-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

2008 Alfred Crosby, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Responsive Polymer Surfaces

2009 Donald Hunston, NIST
Technique for Monitoring Environmentally Induced Changes in Polymeric Sealants

2010 Anand Jagota, Lehigh University
Sequencing DNA by Peeling?

2012 Elmar Kroner, Leibniz Institute for New Materials
Adhesion Measurement on Micropatterned Surfaces with Spherical and Flat Probes

2013 Mariana Kok, University of Limerick
Effect of Surface Roughness and Energy on Insect Residue Adhesion to Aircraft Leading Edge Surfaces

2014 Christopher Wohl, NASA Langley Research Center
Novel Epoxy Particulate Composites for Mitigation of Insect Residue Adhesion on Future Aircraft Surfaces

2015 Katharine Jensen, Yale University
Stiff Particles on Compliant Substrates:  Adhesion, or Wetting?

2016 Scott Phillips, Penn State University
Single-Induced Bonding and/or De-Bonding of Adhesives

 2018 Elisa Arikan, Universit√§t der Bundeswehr M√ľnchen and WIWeB
Surface modification of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) by Vacuum-UV pretreatment 

 2019 Niels Holten-Andersen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mechanical Reinforcement of Polymer Hydrogels via Metal-Coordinated Mineralization

 2020 Sergei Sheiko, University of North Carolina
Design-by-Architecture of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives with Tissue-mimetic Mechanics

 2021 Dohgyu Hwang, University of Massachusetts          
For advancing our understanding of adhesive design through the contributed paper entitled "Programmable Kirigami- Inspired Adhesion"

 2022  Evan Breedlove, 3M Company           
What is the Modulus of a Viscoelastic Structural Adhesive

2023 Michael Bartlett, Virginia Tech
Metamaterial Adhesives through Reverse Crack Propagation

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