Student Award Winners

1994 John A. Rogers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology      
Noninvasive Determination of Viscoelastic, Thermal and Adhesive Properties in Thin Film-Substrate Systems

1995 Martin Roseman, Imperial College   
The Design of Composite to Metal Tubular Lap Joints for Torsional Loadings

1996 Robert S. Jackson, Imperial College
A Study of the Effects of Water Concentration on the Stability of Interfaces in Adhesive Joints

1997 Xu Zhang, University of Connecticut
Synthesis of Coatings on Steel Surfaces by Spontaneous Polymerization

1998 Stephanie Nesbitt, University of Connecticut           
b-Diketone Containing Polymeric Coupling Agents for Bonding Polymers to Aluminum

1999 Alfred Crosby  Northwestern University        
Debonding Mechanisms of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

2000 Jennifer Hoyt, Virginia Tech
Adhesion and Network Properties of Polysiloxane Sealants with Varying Polarities

2001 Manish Giri, University of Maine        
Stress Intensity in Microscale Adhesive Viscoelastic Contacts

2002 Animangsu Ghatak, Lehigh University
Adhesion Induced Instability in Thin Solid Film

2003 Rebecca E. Webber, Northwestern University
The Effects of Geometric Confinement on the Debonding Behavior of Soft Elastic Solids

2004 Gary Harp, University of Akron
Molecular Structure and Adhesion Hysteresis at Poly(styrene)/Comb Polymer Interfaces

2005 Kar Tean Tan, Imperial College
The Durability of Adhesive Joints

2006 Edwin Chan, University of Massachusetts  – Amherst
Tuning the Adhesive Properties of Acrylate Based Elastomers through Patterned Surfaces

2007 Kumar Nanjundiah, University of Akron
Confinement Induced Ordering of Alkanes between an Elastomer and a Solid Surface

2008 Michelle Seitz, Northwestern University
Fracture of Self-Assembled Copolymer Gels

2009 Suresh Manohar, Lehigh University  
Peeling Single Stranded DNA from Graphite Surface to Determine

2010 Shilpi Vajpayee, Lehigh University
Adhesion and Contact Mechanics of Bio-Inspired Structured Surfaces

2011 Rohini Gupta, John Hopkins University
Influence of Contact Angle Hysteresis on Liquid Actuation Using Electric Field

2012 Vasav Sahni, The University of Akron
From Nano to Micro to Macro:  Importance of Structure and Architecture in Spider Silk Adhesives

2013 Michael Bartlett, University of Massachusetts         
Scaling Reversible Adhesion in Synthetic and Natural Adhesive Systems

2014 Keren Zhang, Virginia Tech     
Nucleobase-Containing Acrylic Block Copolymers for Supramolecular Hot Melt Adhesives

2015 Adrian Defante, University of Akron 
The Role of Water in Adhesion and Friction

2016 Dharamdeep Jain, University of Akron           
Effect of Humidity on the adhesion of black widow spiders gumfoot silk

2017 Sarah Fischer, Leibniz Institute for New Materials   
Funnel-shaped microstructures for high adhesion on the microscale

2018 Shruti Rattan, University of Massachusetts 
Puncture Mechanics of Soft Gels at Small Length Scales

2019 Jingyi Guo, Cornell University
Fracture mechanics of a self-healing hydrogel with covalent and physical cross-links

2020 Ravi Tutika, Iowa State University
Soft Multifunctional Composites With Programmable Liquid Metal Microstructures

 2021 Amal Narayanan, University of Akron
Underwater Adhesives

 2022 Chris Jackson, Virginia Tech
Using Digital Image Correlation and Finite Element Analysis to Characterize the Mixed-Mode Fracture Envelope for a Tough Adhesive

 2023 Brandon Clarke, University of Texas at Austin
Characterizing the Adhesive Behavior of Polymeric Photo-Switchable Adhesives

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